Wednesday, 12 June 2013

song of light

some hear the song of silence
quieter still is the song of light
yet unlike silence the light
never stops singing

with but a gleam
she revealed
her infinite body

text from Conversations with the Light, by Michael Tweed 



  1. la aceasta postare aproape imi este teama sa spun ceva-atata lumina si cantecul ei revelator,oricine ar deveni de lumina.este ca acele flori micute,albe si transparente,pe care doar le langa piept si le stii acolo,ale tale oricand,fara a le strange vreodata cu putere,fara a le putea rani cumva.trebuie doar sa le stii,tot mai acolo.

  2. Roxana, RO Χά?, Nah!

    These are so subtle. In another life, you might have been one of the mythical weavers who fashion the threads of life into the fabric of the world, were such other lives not made from accumulated layerings of dust. Seriously, you are an adept at navigating the interstices between; here you succeed in describing light using a dark palette that does not appear dark at all until one understands that these three are one and the comparison is the key, and you do it masterfully. IMHO these are among your best, and unusual in that you are layering time but space, time being contained in the parallax, in the lines of what (suspiciously) looks at first glance to be similar to a washing line, sans pegs, or some stave constructed out of ribbons of light.

  3. intriguing! I like it, looking into the blindness of such light

  4. you can view a video-version of these light-filled curtains at the beginning of my video Grey :-)

  5. Oh, it is good to see these again. (-:

  6. hi beautiful Roxana, ew I couldn't see the image at all until I adjusted the lighting on my monitor.I have had this problem before here haha well I guess the world of art and the world in general varies according to how the light is filtered and which window you view from haha.

    I love that title - conversations with the light-it is beautifully put and I can relate to it, my dialogue with the light at the window and the skylight at the valley's edge and my response in visual and written art...

    the subtle and fading images are beautiful it reminds me of the old pictures from my father's wartime collections that I have been working on to put together a little book for familly and friends on his war time experiences.
    I was amazed at the restorative powers of the basic windows photo album.just in adjusting the brightness the light -the images take on details that werent apparent in the originals at has been an awesome experience.sometimes I play with the brightness until the image disappears and it is as if our selfconstructed timeline disappears but I can feel the event through the image beating against my rib cage.

    this is another masterpeice. I love its wave imitates the wave nature of the universe.
    soft summer kisses to you my friend.