Monday, 12 August 2013

taking over



  1. The ice is taking over.
    The jungle is taking over.
    The light is taking over.
    The chill beyond is taking over.
    Dearest, my garrulity is taking over.

  2. i imagine these lines sung by... say, Bjork? :-)

  3. thankyou for this masterpeice,yes it is aggressive (my dream haha) like the cut glass the walls of the mind reflecting and the nightmare reflecting reality like a shellac highlighting the day.
    HUGS have a gorgeous day my friend.

  4. imi imaginez ca la adapostul acestor plante ireala in gheata trebuie sa fie o lume spendid de bogata,nu, cu toate visele noastre de care ne sprijinim ca de liane nesfarsite,si in spatele carora palpaie intotdeauna un far, o iarna.

  5. These are excellent! Hadn't noticed them before! The textured light in the panes.