Monday, 30 September 2013




  1. is this removing the self or drawing the audience closer to the self? can it be both?

    why does this build trepidation in me?


    1. i don't know :-) it _has_ to be both, i think!

  2. hi Roxana, thankyou for two more masterpeices.
    Ive always thought of these images of yours as being an act of cleansing and scrubbing- that is what has come to my mind.the impossible erasure of sin behind the drapery of the mind. powerful.
    but today I can't help but view these images in another way.
    I was at an awesome show of art and design at our university last evening and the show was one of the most powerful ones that I have ever seen and I thought of your images of sinks.It contained large images of shelves of pharmaceutical items, pills etc. and sinks and the reflection of a nude man in the bathroom tap.and the artist preparing to bathe.
    essentially the artist made a statement as he himself stated as the body is at the center of life- yes his show was about the body, flesh and space. and when we bathed and urinated we were alone(the emphasis on the body) he stated that psychology and medication were setting up anetwork -pathways to lead into the body to control the space and the pill bottles were like traces of pathways.
    I thought of the images of your sinks and yes that was something that was at the back of my mind.-your images talking about body as space.and the body being the central part of our lives as opposed for me to the infiltration of the mind.
    anyway his statement is quite long and I know you would love it.perhaps I can get a copy of it.
    I enjoyed chatting with this new graduate and questioning him.I thought I did emphasize how brilliant his show was but there were a couple of my questions that seemed to unnerve him haha.and he said well are you going to write a scathing review and I answered haha no I am just passing through and he seemed disappointed if the negative tension was fertile ground for his work.

    new day kisses my friend.♥

  3. ce frumos ai surprins intr-un cuvant totul (lucru care mie imi reuseste arar,stii:) )-pentru ca totul,de la stropii de apa ai chiuvetei,sapunurile,faldurile par sa tina strans intre ele secrete,taine pentru care merita,spun eu,sa traiesti,si sa dai la o parte,in fiecare dimineata, valurile respiratiei...

  4. Roxana, these are brilliant. Truly brilliant. mtstowers