Sunday, 8 December 2013

bluer than the sky



  1. Oh! So much could be said of the balcony's shade alone! (-:

  2. Where is this I wonder? In traveling down in Mexico, blue was a popular color for window frames and seemed it had some mythical meaning....

  3. ca si cand nu ne-am putea indeparta niciodata de albastru,nu?:) in coltul viselor,nu este decat ALBASTRU...imi psun mereu:)

  4. this is a beautiful post dear Roxana.actually I was writing offline but part of the inspiration was from something I had written in your journal . this post reminds me of this because we see the wall worn through time but the blue shade represents for me the blue shade of our dreams which undermines the brutality of existence.
    this is what I wrote-
    I have a beautifully fluid summer day dream in that the contemplated becomes the sacred breath of life where the mind becomes the spirit of life breather through the waters and the summer wind.
    sending you blue sky kisses

    1. how could i add to this most beautiful comment, dear Madeleine???

      thank you, humbly...