Tuesday, 18 March 2014

maturity windows

Maturity evolves upon
The realization that
Your numerous strategies
For escaping
Have failed you.
Maturity brings with it
The dawn of understanding of
What it is you are trying
To escape from.
Maturity prompts the examination of
Whether you are really imprisoned at all.

from The Lost Writings of Wu Hsin, 403-221 BCE



  1. draga,sunt minunate,si poezia,o, poezia lor, m-a oprit aici,este oare posibil, nu am gandit chiar asa,dar de atatea ori in ultima vreme s-au adunat cuvinte ,impreunate,luate exact ca acestea...o, ce mult mi-a placut totul,si cum m-am asezat aici, ca intr-o patura moale,din care urmaresti,pe fereastra,la tara,cum se ivesc primele colturi de iarba. nu as mai pleca din acest colt,care totusi se 8intinde,asta e si ideea,nu oriunde in lume. ce dar frumos pentru inima mea:)

    1. :-)

      sa nu pleci din acest colt, niciodata...

  2. The problem with Wu Hsin, bless his dear heart, is that, well--let's just see, the roaring 420s (BCE, of course) were all glitter and gauzy-glamour, to say nothing of the eras belly-god taste for pastiche.

    1. the roaring 420s!!!! you make me so laugh :-)