Thursday, 22 May 2014

ode to a modern urn (1)

 photo vase2_zps083c5b36.jpg



  1. Ode on a plastic Grecian urn.

    Though we really can't see them, there are chaotic pictures on the urn. And as with any cheap plastic (provenance unknown--oops, it was Sichuan province) time is likely to levigate pictures in relief, making them unintelligible. How's that for truth? And beauty?

    (cynical postmoderm reading of a classic)

    1. yes, can't see them, but we can imagine them, even more interesting than in the original piece, or no? :-)
      but no plastic, no - though i agree any cynical postmodern comment needs a plastic wrapping to define itself as such :-)

  2. da,ce Oda minunata acolo,basoreliefurile se simt exact ca in acest cuvant care imi place atat, totul il respira,si este o asa gala acolo, ca o petrecere cu multe oglinzi si somptuozitati, la care domnita sta, tacuta in rochia ei de catofea neagra,langa fereastra:)

  3. la cate forme putem visa, in linistea albului, nu?

  4. Love the blurry feel to this photograph, Roxana. Dreamy also.