Saturday, 7 June 2014

going back to the first kitchen window i have ever seen



  1. this is my mom's kitchen window, opening at the back of the house, where there is now a small open space for grilling etc. when i was young, there used to be a small courtyard with hens laying eggs, i would spy on them out of this window. the only one remaining now, from the old times, the others have been refurbished...

    i took the pic today with my phone.

  2. dupa cum am spus, draga, aceasta vara activeaza un imaginar comun- asta ca sa nu o pun pe seama magiei,ceea ce lumineaza,in fapt, diminetile: si eu tot la bucatariile copilariei visez, si sunt acolo,la fel cum sunt si aici, amintindu-mi, poate reinventand, astfel, trecutul acela de miere, cu miros de oua si cantec de gugustiuci, cand totul putea fi atat de usor gantec de gugustiuci, si noi nici nu cred ca ne puneam,de fapt,problema ca ar mai fi si altceva, fiindu-ne bine cu atat si cu inca mult mai putin.
    salut toate diminetile copilariei,si ferestrele lor largi:)

  3. Some time ago, people used the telephone to communicate with each other. Now the phone is a camera! Will it soon be an incubator for hen's eggs? And how about a rotisserie for said birds, complete with miniature rotating appendages for even grilling? Isn't technology wonderful?

    Be that as it may, the phone/picture is marvelous.

  4. hello my beautiful friend.
    how poignant my friend that you speak from the greenness of your life and show us this shows the time worn wall but the fresh new verdure.
    sending you summer kisses.

  5. and I was back to visit me first house of my childhood just the other day. my primary home.It will be abandoned soon and was long ago abandoned by my familly but I longed for it to be flourishing as yours with the strong love of a family stamped with memories of the past.

  6. there is such beauty in the place which we call 'our childhood house' that escapes any rule. these places always have a distinctive color or shape, one always knows that they pertain to a different us, a different time in space.
    it is lovely to see this here.

  7. thank you all for returning to this house of memory with me...