Sunday, 1 March 2015

the 1st of march



  1. i notice the (impossible) contrast between this post and the previous one, both labeled "flowers in the window" - i am amazed, and truly overwhelmed that this, and that, and so much more - is - part of existence...

  2. i repeat myself - this is so unmistakably you! (but then so is the previous post as well and so what does this mean? just as the world holds such intense variation, so do you.)

    and it was just this morning i sent a note to my mother asking her about her orchid. i was to see her and wanted so badly to take a photograph of it in order to correspond with you. today! just hours ago! but sadly her two orchids both died recently. and i was left with nothing to speak through. and then you posted here and a mouth was born between us))

    this colour. this/these particular colour(s)! it is, in some way your name))

  3. yes Roxana the wealth of controversy enriches our lives.the physical body can never be totally sure about anything and the mind is always groping. well do I sound like I have just visited my physicist friend who had left his blog for over a year.hee hee.and your absence is too long of a duration while keeping time to the clock of my heart.
    anyway I looooooooooooooooooooooove these gorgeous flowers.what perfect colours for march.they seem so regimented inviting us to march along perhaps it is the easter colour of violation and gold for easter.perhaps I am being too conscious or not conscious enought.
    sending you golden kisses.

  4. am mai spus, repetitia mea monotona departe de a ma jena, sunt printre cele mai frumoase flori pe care le stiu. le-am asteptat,cu totii le-am asteptat mult.mi se pare ca aici ai putea sa te refugiezi definitiv: culorile inchise,patrunse de lumina, ca intr-un studio al minunilor-luminilor, toata claritatea care irupe uneori in strigatul de a trai, clariatea care este,uneori,identica cu bucuria cea mai cum mereu mi-a placut aceasta apropiere de lucruri,din ce in ce, concentrarea fotografului-isihast, ansamblul redus la detaliul care nu rapeste nimic,caruia nu ii lipseste nimic (desi s-ar putea spune ca nu prea stiu ce vorbesc, la mine e de fiecare data invers-daca mai apuc sa vad ansamblul, de fapt:) ).
    multumesc pentru aceasta clipa in care egalitatea este savarsita, in care gestul de a trage draperia este perfect identic cu cel de a lasa florile,libere, in lumina.

  5. Naturally, I was waiting for color in order to comment. Track and field runners wait in apoplectic anticipation for the starting gun. I wait for color. There's nothing unusual about that, so don't go ascribing all sorts of nefarious (or subversive) motives for what is nothing more than a personality trait.

    But what I earnestly wanted to say was that tomorrow--and it may even be tomorrow by now!--is an important day. I'm sure you have no idea what I mean, since motes of subversiveness often accompany my charming but byzantine statements.

    Still, what can one reasonably expect from a ghost in the machine (another ghost and another machine, but didn't Arthur Koestler write War and Peace out longhand, as a school prank--I thought I read that somewhere)?

  6. hi my friend. there are some gorgeous green blades and stems here almost like the earths shooting stars so it is appropriate to wish you Happy St. Patrick's Day.
    do you have traces of irish ancestry ofcourse we are all irish on st. Patrick's nationalities are irish german French and Italian.there is much to celebrate on the daily basis and so many other cultural play such as Chinese calligraphy the path is infinite.
    sending you good luck kisses.

  7. thank you!!!~~~
    (in no mood for words these days, but i am grateful for your gracious presence in front of my windows - that you are still there, despite all this time, and my infrequent posting, is beyond amazing)