Wednesday, 1 April 2015

midnight reveries

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  1. Replies
    1. what does Wow mean? surprise ? that you like them? :-)

    2. i see i'm not the only one to say "wow!" ;-p

  2. colour and tone - melancholy is a seductress at midnight))

    1. midnight, but mostly the early hours of morning (and it should be said: after hours of not being able to sleep) has this strange power of deforming things, contours become odd, everything seems off, hallucinatory in a way... sometimes this can be inspiring :-)

  3. Radio controlled bats? I didn't think you had time for such hobbies. It isn't Erythrina vespertilio (Bat Wing Coral Tree), of course, as any self respecting botanist would know, but I confess to liking anything called vespertilio:

    vespertilio....from Latin vespertilia, a bat, referring to the shape of the leaves.

    But you already knew that since Latin is your favorite dead language.

    Still, bats are perfect for midnight reveries and even better for Halloween, which is why you posted it on April Fool's Day!

    1. haha
      i could have imagined anything but not a connection to bats (especially "radio controlled bats") in response to this series
      erythrina sounds lovely, but Oxalis is beautiful too, don't you agree? (and i hear there is a Bermuda Oxalis too, imagine that! :-)

  4. wow! sunt mirifice! erin is right, melancholy is superbly rendered here.

  5. hi my beautiful friend thankyou for this beautiful masterpeice it inspires me to write here although there is some magic that I have to leave out of your picture frame to contend with my inner reality.

    I enjoyed the easter triduum at the cathedral nearby the choir well was simply divine. I feel that this theatrical aspect that I am drawing from the experience takes somewhat from the religiosity but oh well
    this is my midnight reverie-
    my brother is kenyan, my brother is ethiopian my brother is somalian my brother is christian my brother is fear bound in iraq my brother thirsts in palestine
    and the other day when I walked by our cream coloured provincial roses I hadnt realized until then that they grow by large boulders scattered through torrents of suffering along my path as a tribute as a cream coloured prayer crowned with thorns.
    but the singing of GLORIA was sweet with the ringing of tiny bells like streams of water prophesizing the renewal of my baptism
    sending you much love and peace and golden thoughts and kisses.

  6. oh, printre plantutele mele preferate, insa niciodata,pana acum, Albastre! chagall este aici,cu noi, si tot magicul realism, si toata furtuna din vise, si toata linistea de dupa ea. as face o lume intreaga albastra, dupa aceste imagini:)