Saturday, 12 December 2015

intangible arrows

These trees and their argentines, their dark-spiced
Grow out of the spirit or they are fantastic dust.
The bud of the apple is desire, the down-falling gold,
The catbird's gobble in the morning half-awake-
These are real only if I make them so. Whistle
For me, grow green for me and, as you whistle and grow
Intangible arrows quiver and stick in the skin
And I taste at the root of the tongue the unreal of what
is real.

W. Stevens



  1. another impeccable combination of word and image.

  2. A reticular impression adorns my window and in silence I ponder its meaning.

  3. hi Roxana, this is another beautiful masterpeice and actually it reminds me so much of a series of thoughts that I was having! well I was watching the eclipse a couple of months ago and channeling the rythms of the change and just being too conscious about the process well you should have a cosmic tool to unveil the celestial mind and the conscious mind isnt that tool. that was my big downfall my friend, I don't mind admitting this in of haha.
    anyway when I left the back yard of my highrise apartment and watched the moon from my apartment window well it was charted with intangible arrows tracing my paths of destiny and not tracing my paths of destiny- then I realized it was the light branches of a tree just outside my window that was superimposing arrows across the lunar surface that wasnt the reality of my paths.

    enjoy the season my friend
    we have had nice weather here and the snow is pretty to be around
    sending you snowflake kisses red and green snowflake kisses and I realize that you are imginative enough to receive them.HUGS and Love.