Tuesday, 23 April 2013




  1. returning home, the image from my bedroom window is so different than this one, taken a way back, on a silvery winter day, at dawn... now the green is luxurious, even the blossoms are gone...

    quietly, i expand in wonder -

    what does this all mean? and do i really wish to know?

  2. you return, and the green world opens and trembles to welcome your gaze once more

  3. cred ca aceasta imagine ,ca si cuvintele tale care o insotesc,este demna de un citat al Virginiei Woolf-insa,nestiind unde l-am pus,cred ca voi fi doar eu:)

    cred ca nici macar nu este nevoie de un anotimp,de saptamani sau zile-uneori,o singura clipa ,asa cum stim,este de ajuns ca universul sa aseze la picioarele noastre unduiri luxuriante.iar verdele,mai ales cel din mai,care ne face mereu sa exclamam lorchian,verde,cat te iubesc,verde,cred ca este un suport opulent al revarsarii din noi.si niciodata nu ne-am satura,cred ca asta e o particica din raspunsul la intrebare,intotdeauna ramane ceva,intotdeauna ramane un coltisor din gradina de care nu stim,oricat ne-ar umpla pasii.

    e ciudat,insa,vazand aceasta delicatete despre care iarna nu vorbeste zgomotos,asa cum o face primavara,mi-a venit dor de hibernal:)-vezi?:)

    1. "intotdeauna ramane un coltisor din gradina de care nu stim,oricat ne-ar umpla pasii"

      nu-i asa? da, da... cat de bine ai spus ceea ce simt...

  4. 'I have brought it to my heart to be a still point...
    through the dimensions a tree opens up,
    or a window, or a mirror...
    The shock of returning to myself after a long journey.'

    And no, I didn't write this!

    1. oh! oh!


  5. hi my beautiful friend. It is wonderful to have you return .
    yes these are intricate beautiful pathways through the heart and mind. more and more I think of the seasons to be seasons of the mind and heart.
    sending you spring kisses.

    1. wonderful to be back, Madeleine, i will soon make many posts with my journey :-)
      sending you may kisses back.

  6. cat de frumoase cuvintele tale...
    it is good too have you back with all your beauty.

  7. it is impossible to know!

    here, where i am, the leaves open up just now, leaves which never existed before and i see how unimportant i am in the course of things. leaves! particular leaves! this happens in your world as well? how mystifying.

    how is it that your perimeters of body hold you in, particularly you? i imagine you in the world and can't conceive. just as the leaves last night in the woods were so specifically as they were and in such changing light, each one (!) you hold to this tree of your time.

    yes, it is very good to see you back in all of your changes))


  8. What if each person is not at all insignificant? And what if it is not impossible to know. The leaves have gone as the tree no longer needs them. (-: