Monday, 22 April 2013

curtains over the week-end

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  1. my friend's thin-veiled curtains (the green ones) were not much of use in front of my desperate need for darkness, total darkness, when sleeping - so we tried to improvise a bit, hanging a second layer of curtains (the colourful ones)... (better, but still not enough :-)

    and then, when i parted them in the morning, dissipating the colourful world we had created for ourselves, the ugly post-communist world emerged again.

  2. cat de frumos,nu,sa ai pajistile tale verzi,si toate florile lumii,lumilor,dincolo de perdele,cu tot ceea ce incalzeste si mangaie.infloresc acolo toate anotimpurile,si imi vine sa spun ca dincolo de ceea ce se intampla"cu adevarat"cad frunze -sau rasar-,prin culoare basoreliefuri,necheaza caii albi ai viselor (melationinice:) ).

    asa as fi vrut sa fie,o pajiste:)

    1. :-)

      dar asa a si fost, o pajiste inflorita, matasoasa

      multumesc din nou, draga mea draga.

  3. this is beautiful my friend you magical weaver of fabric.-another masterpeice.
    yes urbaninity can be ugly post communist or not so that is why I love to be around a lot of big trees in the neighborhood.
    kisses and hugs

    1. i love that too, Madeleine, but here people seem to hate trees, they cut them as often as they can, pretending they stand in their way, they are dangerous as their branches might break and fall - it is really a collective insanity which makes me very sad :-(

      in fact, my friend told me that there was a big tree to be seen from this window, and they had it cut just the week before my arrival :-(

  4. Gosh, Communism was bleak, wasn't it! Curtains to the iron curtain.
    okay, okay, i know..corny!